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12 Day Crystal Advent Calendar

12 Day Crystal Advent Calendar

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It's that time of year again my loves. It's Christmas timeeeeeee. This year we will be doing a 12 day Crystal Advent Calendar that will start on the 14th of December. Calendars will be sent out before December 1st via Royal Mail Tracked 48hr 

The reason I've chosen to do a 12 day instead of a 24 day one is because I wanted to be able to put bigger pieces in so in this 12 day there will be no tumbles. This Calendar is valued at £100+ so definitely worth it. You can put some information in the notes as to what you like and dislike and will try my very best to make one you'll love!

Please note lots of time and love has been put into making these, there are only a limited amount available so if you'd love one, get yours before they are gone!

This is a lovely treat for yourself, or for a loved one. You deserve it! I hope you've had the best year ever. Wishing you another year filled with love, happiness, abundance, and everything bright <3 Thank you for taking the time to read all this, if you've got any questions please email me! xxxx

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